Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Seniors Living Beyond 90

1.9 million Americans have reached the age of at least 90 years according to a recent report by the National Institute on Aging and the US Census Bureau.  This comprises nearly 4.7% of the entire population.

Over the last 30 years, the size of this age group has tripled, creating changes in the landscape of elder housing and elder care.  Nearly 20% of those 90 and older live in nursing homes.  Senior living facilities are home not only to older, but sicker, residents now. 
“Traditionally, the cutoff age for what is considered the ‘oldest old’ has been age 85,” Census Bureau demographer Wan He said. “But increasingly people are living longer and the older population itself is getting older. Given its rapid growth, the 90-and-older population merits a closer look.” 

The complete report can be found at: http://www.census.gov/prod/2011pubs/acs-17.pdf.


  1. I recently heard a news same as your post. I wonder why there is an increase of seniors living beyond 90 years of age. There’s a lot of chemical and unhealthy food nowadays because of the commercial products unlike over the past years that the food is more natural and their lifestyle is more healthy.