Monday, April 15, 2013

Care Management: When Family Caregivers Need Help

We have an amazing new service at Pathways—Care Management. This service provides a nurse or social worker to oversee the care of an older person when loved ones need help to manage the care or don’t live nearby.  It can also provide one-time assessment and care planning for families.   This is an all-encompassing, privately paid service.

Here are just some of the valuable services care managers provide:

  • Scheduling and coordinating medical and dental appointments
  • Transporting and accompanying clients to health care appointments
  • Helping clients comply with medications and recommendations
  • Arranging supportive services such as home care, bill paying, transportation, housekeeping, meal delivery or a handyman
  • Overseeing caregivers and other providers
  • Arranging for safety devices and medical equipment such as emergency response systems, grab bars, shower chairs and wheelchairs
  • Providing crisis intervention and supportive counseling
  • Long-term planning for appropriate housing options 

Pathways’ first care manager is social worker Stephne Lencioni, LCSW.  She is a long-time supporter of Pathways, often referring clients to us in her 25 years of care management with other organizations.  We are thrilled to have the experience and expertise of such a respected care manager launching this program for Pathways.

This article was originally published in Pathways Physician & Health Professional Bulletin - Issue 26.  To download this issue in PDF format, or past issues, visit our newsletter archives online at


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